Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hi Gys, sorry its been so long since I posted. Have been busy with a few projects and heaps of teaching. I have 2 classes now with one sculpt class at the High school my kids go to. I am teaching 5 year 11 kids how to sculpt a spoon doll but we have started with Pods first off and then will move to the spoon doll sculpts after. I will take some pictures in the next few weeks of the kids and what they are making.
Secondly I am trying to teach beading to a group of CWA women. It was a dificult day yesterday as there was a very mixed age group and level of experience with the group of 8 I was teaching. Some got it by the end of the day but I can see the next class which is in 3 weeks will need alot of attention to make sure they all get their understanding and are able to complete the beaded bears they are making.

I have done a bit more work on the dragon bust with adding the rice paper wings with 8 layers of paper on them and they are so hard but almost transperant as I used paverpol to glue the layers together. I have also added some paper clay to the head to begin shapping it and have decided to use the teeth I have already for the dragon instead of making my own. I have made the wire armature for the arms stronger using the thicker wire and will finalise them soon with a layer of foil and florist tape for the clay to adhere to. I think it will look great when finished.
Hopefully I will blog more often but with life being so busy I will try to fit it all in. I will not promise too much.
Take care and love each other.

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