Saturday, April 10, 2010

Update on Chair

I have started with the marbling on the chair. I have given it 2 coats of white with one being pearl white as the base and now have sponged a mixture of Metallic Rose Pink with Pearl White on and started the diagonal slanting the veining.

I have then sponged on a stronger Rose Pink colour and dragged the sponge to make the veins appear.

The using a long and narrow brush I have added veining in with Metallic Rose Pink and Metallic Garnet Red. I think I was a bit heavy handed and need to add more white areas which I have done next and also I have feathered out the harsh lines of the veining to try to make it look more natural.

Okay I will add more detailed veining and blend a few more earthy tones into the mix to try to create a very natural marble effect. Please let me know what you think and if I need to do anything to make it look more natural. I will also be adding some shimmer with Pearl Ex powders and Pearlescent Inks. I think the trick is layers, layers and more layers to give it depth and definition.

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