Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Dress Art Form

Okay this is another project I started in 2008. It is Jean Bernards Art Dress Form. I got it to the stage where I had to decide what I wanted to finish the collar with and came to a grinding halt. Late last year I decided to put Fuchsia Swarovski Crystal Butterfies on the tip with varied coloured Bicones Crystals along the wire. I also embeded crystals in the spray down the front of the dress. I have only done about a quarter of the collar as there are over 100 wires to glue the crystals onto. It is looking better than I expected and will look incredible once I finish. Along with the chair and dragon I will attempt to finish this UFO too. I have many more projects on the go and will slowly work my way through the remainder. Having a feedback helps heaps and sharing ideas with you all is wonderful. I tend to get bored easy and look for new and exciting things to try and I will be attempting to make my own BJD in the near future if I do not use all the paper clay on the dragon bust. I also have 5 dragons to finish and severl dozen paintings. I should have no reason not to be doing something. Help keep me on track and you will see some incredible creations come forth.
Hugs Llee

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