Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dragon Bust

I have been dreaming about making a hanging dragon bust for many years now so yesterday while waiting for the chair to dry I started with the armature and padding of the body and wiring of the wings. I want to do scaling like I do on the big dragons I make so I think I will end up using Paper Clay, Texture paste and PaverPol on this one. I will paper the wings with pavverpol and do more features on the head as well as a lower jaw and tongue. I want high brows and lots of flares and points on the face of this one.

Imagine having that looking down on you when you come to the front door.

I especially love the look if this one. I want ruffles and spikes and scales and chest plates and all sorts of embellishments.
I am going to dig very deep for this one. I think I have to plan it as well as the pikes and spine ridge need to be done first as well as the ruffles and chest plates. This is going to make my brain explode. Oh well I am up for a challenge.
Hugs Lee


  1. I love your dragon idea! What will the materials be that can be on the front door? Maybe its not really outside...
    Have fun with your new blog!

  2. Hi Becci, Paverpol is an external fabric hardener. It can be used on anything and was designed for external use. It is alot like PVA glue but dries rock hard. I want to make a giant butterfly on an oversized flower to put out in the garden. I have the wings made, The Foam ball on a stick for the flower and now I just have to make the petals and body for the butterfly and vwhalla. Giant butterfly on a oversized flower coated in paverpol and water proof.
    Here is the Australian site.
    Jean Bernard put me onto the stuff and I am currently working on a art form using paverpol to make the dress, flowers, coating and embellishments for it. I will post some pics as I go with that one. I have decided the drgaon will have a lower jaw which I will work on once I have marbled the chair. I am doing Pink Marble on a pale pink and white background. I want to start that tomorrow.
    Check back in for more updates.

  3. keep it coming ..love dragons