Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Boredom has set in!!!!

I have been struggling lately with what to do so in a moment of inspiration I decided to make a chair for Monique, a doll I made from Sherry Goshon's Trupunto class. Because she is a very tall doll the chair would need to be at least 2 foot tall and a foot wide. I have some bases made up ready to be turned into big flowers( yet to make) so I decided to attack the wire supply and see what I could come up with. I didn't really have anyhting in mind when I started but I think it has turned into a very Morticia Adams wing backed style chair. Now all I have to do is decided how to decorate it and what colour to paint it.
I used Plain paper as the tissue paper kept on tearing in much needed spots and I used PaverPol as the glue as it dries very hard.
I have also started a new project of a Dragon hanging over the front door. Unfortunately I have yet to decide what medium to mke him in so that one will have to wait until inspiration kicks in again. Till next time. Love Lee


  1. Can't wait to see your chair finished. I know it's going to be wonderful. Your dragon sounds like it's going to be something spectacular. I'll be back to check to see the finished creations. You go girl!! Inspiration is a wonderful and fun thing.

  2. Thanks Fran. I have been thinking about this blog thing for so long and been watching some amazing people do their thing I thought I might as well join in.
    Hopefully this will keep me motivated.

  3. Your blogs looking great, you will enjoy doing it. like how you have constructed the chair. Your dragon will look amazing, can't wait till its finished.

  4. I'm impressed with the chair....! Way to go. Shirley

  5. looking lovely.. bet it will be spectacular when your done :o))