Sunday, April 25, 2010


Okay here are the basics for the butterfly with a wire wrapped body and a stuffed head that needs needle sculpting. I plan to have very big bobbly eyes like they have in real life and maybe the proboscus but I am not sure about that yet. And he / she needs huge antenae to balance it all. I will play with more colouration on the wings once I can get to the shops to get some more Metallic Sapphire Blue paint. The legs will be very long and I think this will be a standing butterfly or even one that is placed on a giant flower. Might get the ball on a stick finished to pose this one.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Continuation of Dragon Bust

I have finally figured out how to make the chest plates using polystyrene hearts cut in half and quarters, shaved off at the back and shaped into a cup then glued onto the chest with craft glue that does not melt the polystyrene. It looks good and then I covered the whole area with paper clay and sculpted the plates into the shapes I wanted. Overall I am please with the look and now I have to remake the arms to be stronger and more in proportion with the rest of the body, the half that we can see that is.
Then it is onto the first rice paper cover for the wings and I will start making the horns and spines for the back ridge and the face shape. I have yet to decide wether to use dolls eyes or paint them on. I want it to be very statling and mesmerising so I will see what I want. Might get some special dolls eye to put in place if I can find what I want with the slit pupil and right colouring. That means I will have to decide what colours I want him to be and I am not sure if I am that far in my planing.
I am also in the middle of making a big butterfly with a wire wrapped body. I have the wings painted and the body under wrapping done and am using a spare head to see if this will work. Will post pics in a few days of how it is progressing.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Chair Nearly Finished

Well its almost done. I have played and played and played with this one. Darkened and then lightened and finally settled on this colour. I have just to add the final part oof the blingage with a layer of glitter varnish and it is done.
This has been alot of fun and turned out better then I had hoped. Now all I need is a 60 plus cm BJD to sit on the chair. That is on my wish list next.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Update on Chair

I have started with the marbling on the chair. I have given it 2 coats of white with one being pearl white as the base and now have sponged a mixture of Metallic Rose Pink with Pearl White on and started the diagonal slanting the veining.

I have then sponged on a stronger Rose Pink colour and dragged the sponge to make the veins appear.

The using a long and narrow brush I have added veining in with Metallic Rose Pink and Metallic Garnet Red. I think I was a bit heavy handed and need to add more white areas which I have done next and also I have feathered out the harsh lines of the veining to try to make it look more natural.

Okay I will add more detailed veining and blend a few more earthy tones into the mix to try to create a very natural marble effect. Please let me know what you think and if I need to do anything to make it look more natural. I will also be adding some shimmer with Pearl Ex powders and Pearlescent Inks. I think the trick is layers, layers and more layers to give it depth and definition.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Dress Art Form

Okay this is another project I started in 2008. It is Jean Bernards Art Dress Form. I got it to the stage where I had to decide what I wanted to finish the collar with and came to a grinding halt. Late last year I decided to put Fuchsia Swarovski Crystal Butterfies on the tip with varied coloured Bicones Crystals along the wire. I also embeded crystals in the spray down the front of the dress. I have only done about a quarter of the collar as there are over 100 wires to glue the crystals onto. It is looking better than I expected and will look incredible once I finish. Along with the chair and dragon I will attempt to finish this UFO too. I have many more projects on the go and will slowly work my way through the remainder. Having a feedback helps heaps and sharing ideas with you all is wonderful. I tend to get bored easy and look for new and exciting things to try and I will be attempting to make my own BJD in the near future if I do not use all the paper clay on the dragon bust. I also have 5 dragons to finish and severl dozen paintings. I should have no reason not to be doing something. Help keep me on track and you will see some incredible creations come forth.
Hugs Llee

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dragon Bust

I have been dreaming about making a hanging dragon bust for many years now so yesterday while waiting for the chair to dry I started with the armature and padding of the body and wiring of the wings. I want to do scaling like I do on the big dragons I make so I think I will end up using Paper Clay, Texture paste and PaverPol on this one. I will paper the wings with pavverpol and do more features on the head as well as a lower jaw and tongue. I want high brows and lots of flares and points on the face of this one.

Imagine having that looking down on you when you come to the front door.

I especially love the look if this one. I want ruffles and spikes and scales and chest plates and all sorts of embellishments.
I am going to dig very deep for this one. I think I have to plan it as well as the pikes and spine ridge need to be done first as well as the ruffles and chest plates. This is going to make my brain explode. Oh well I am up for a challenge.
Hugs Lee

Boredom has set in!!!!

I have been struggling lately with what to do so in a moment of inspiration I decided to make a chair for Monique, a doll I made from Sherry Goshon's Trupunto class. Because she is a very tall doll the chair would need to be at least 2 foot tall and a foot wide. I have some bases made up ready to be turned into big flowers( yet to make) so I decided to attack the wire supply and see what I could come up with. I didn't really have anyhting in mind when I started but I think it has turned into a very Morticia Adams wing backed style chair. Now all I have to do is decided how to decorate it and what colour to paint it.
I used Plain paper as the tissue paper kept on tearing in much needed spots and I used PaverPol as the glue as it dries very hard.
I have also started a new project of a Dragon hanging over the front door. Unfortunately I have yet to decide what medium to mke him in so that one will have to wait until inspiration kicks in again. Till next time. Love Lee